Choose your favorite search engine, and run a search by plugging in the phrase
"drunk driving" and your state's name. Know what you get?  Page after page
of ads for lawyers.  This, on the other hand, is a website sponsored by lawyers
against drunk driving.  Larry King, Lindsey Simmons, Preston Miller & Britton
, of the Birmingham, Alabama law firm King Simmons, P.C., have
successfully represented people and families who have been victimized by drunk
drivers.  We have seen too many photographs of bodies mangled and killed, too
many bodies of survivors torn and scarred, too many grief-stricken parents and
husbands and wives and children, too many destroyed vehicles.  In fact, we
refuse to call collisions caused by drunk drivers "accidents" - because there is
nothing "accidental" about the inevitable catastrophe and harm that will
follow when a moron makes the choice to drive drunk.

We got fed up.  So we started a website to vent the anger,
frustration, and the compassion.  Rather than directing drunks to lawyers who
can try and help keep them out of jail, this website is about providing resources
for those victimized by drunk drivers - those who survived tragic collisions
caused by drunks, and those who buried a love one because of what a drunk
driver did.
This website is sponsored by Lawrence T. King, Lindsey O. Simmons, Preston Miller and Britton
of the Birmingham law firm, King Simmons, P.C.  No representation is made that the
quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by
other lawyers.