Case Studies
Case 1:
A Shelby County resident was on his way to work early one
morning on U.S. Highway 280, when a drunk driver crossed the
median and struck him head on.  He was catastrophically
injured, underwent several surgical procedures, and was left
(drunk driving that caused serious injury to another).  
Additionally, claims were asserted against the drunk driver and
against “Best-in-Town, Inc.,” an establishment in Birmingham
that does business as “The Furnace,” a so-called “gentleman’s
club.”  The Furnace suggested that the drunk driver was served
alcohol when he appeared intoxicated.  Those claims did not
have to go to trial....

Case 2:
A Baldwin County resident was seven months pregnant, and a
passenger in her husband’s car, when their car was rear-ended
one Sunday afternoon by a drunk driver traveling at a high rate
of speed.  The female drunk driver, about 60 years of age, had
spent much of the afternoon drinking whiskey drinks at a bar;
she pleaded guilty to DUI in a criminal prosecution.  Although
the baby was eventually born fine and its mother was blessedly
spared any permanent injury, a Baldwin County jury assessed
both compensatory and punitive damages in the lawsuit.

Case 3:
Lee County residents were traveling on I-85 in Lee County when
they were hit by a drunk driver who entered the interstate
highway via the exit ramp and traveled the wrong way.  The
drunk driver was killed in a horrible collision that left 4
occupants in another car dead.  The survivors were injured
badly in the collision.  In the claims that followed, evidence
suggested that the drunk driver had been served alcohol at a
major restaurant chain while he was visibly intoxicated. Those
claims did not have to go to trial. . . .

Case 4:
A Shelby County female resident's van was rear-ended on
County Road 119 in Shelby County by a doctor's BMW 740, with
a tag that read "LIVNWEL."  The doctor claimed that he had been
drinking at his office.  A passenger in the van was a young man
with a severe mental incapacity, and he was injured.  The
doctor faced criminal prosecution, and pleaded guilty to DUI.  In
the civil claims that followed, a settlement was reached without
the necessity of trial.
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