We seek to make information available to the general public about the
consequences of drunk driving.  Alabama has conducted a comprehensive
media campaign directed at educating the motoring public about the
criminal consequences of drunk driving – such things as jail, loss of the
drivers’ license, fines, and the like.  But the problem persists, and every
year hundreds of Alabamians are killed or badly injured by drunk drivers.

It has been said that “knowledge is power.”  It is our hope that making
information available to the public will help stem the tide of the carnage
caused by drunk drivers.  After all of the photographs we have seen of
dead and dismembered bodies, and after all of the people we have met
whose lives have been shattered – all because some idiot made a decision
to drive drunk, we decided to spend some time and some money as our
contribution to the effort to stop drunk driving.

If the laws we have aren’t good enough to stamp out the problem, maybe
this area in particular is one where more lawsuits is a better thing.  
Those who choose to drive drunk knowing full well that they are risking
the temporary loss of their driving privileges might think more about it
if they face economic ruin for having made a decision that jeopardizes
the lives of our children, loved ones, and friends.
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