Most, if not all, automobile crashes
involving personal injury or death to the
victims and caused by the conduct of a
drunk criminal prosecution is handled by
the governmental agency's lawyer--
typically, a district or city attorney.  Their
job is to investigate and determine whether
there is enough evidence to charge and
prosecute the alleged drunk driver with
criminal charges ranging from Driving
Under The Influence to Reckless
Endangerment, or even Manslaughter in
death cases.  Their aim is to see that the
drunk driver is punished by fines, and even
imprisonment in some cases, to make sure
the drunk driver pays his debt to society,
and possibly deter him from committing
such actions in the future.  However, the
criminal prosecution does little or nothing
to compensate the actual victims of the
drunk driver's conduct for the enormous
upset and loss caused.
 We don't defend anyone
charged with drunk driving.

That is where civil prosecution comes in to
play.  When we accept the case of a victim
of drunk driving, our job is to discover
everybody who played any role in causing
the disaster and to recover the maximum
money damages available to compensate the
victims for their losses as well as punish the
wrongdoers and, hopefully, deter others
from committing such acts in the future.  
Oftentimes, it is not just the conduct of the
drunk driver at issue and in our cross-hairs.
Most states, including Alabama, have civil
statutes (referred to as Dram Shop laws)
which hold the suppliers (usually bars and
restaurants) of the alcohol involved
accountable if they serve someone who is a
minor or who is visibly intoxicated.  All
companies in Alabama which are licensed to
provide or sell alcohol are also required to
provide proof of liability insurance to help
cover damages claimed when one of their
drunk customers injures or kills someone as
a result of their intoxication.

Larry King, Lindsey Simmons, Preston
Miller, and
Britton O'Shields of King
Simmons, P.C., are experienced in handling
and prosecuting this type of civil case to
maximize the recovery of our clients.  There
are two categories of damages recoverable
in a civil action. Compensatory damages
include property damage, lost wages (past
and future), pain and suffering (past and
future), mental anguish (past and future),
permanent injury, and disfigurement.  In
cases involving loss to a spouse, the victim's
spouse may be entitled to damages for their
loss of companionship (past and future).  
Punitive damages are also available and are
designed to punish the drunk driver and his
suppliers for their conduct and to deter
similarly situated individuals and companies
from engaging in like conduct in the future.

If you have sustained loss as the result of
the conduct of a drunk driver, please feel
free to contact us.  If you would like further
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